Mojtaba Hooshangian Shirazi, a graduated of architecture in master (M.A), has begun his activities in the field of architectural construction nine years ago and has designed, supervised and implemented projects in his office.

He has executed almost all the projects that he designed or at least supervised in them.

Architecture Office Resume

Mojtaba Hooshangian Shirazi started working on design and architecture of public spaces and pay attention to the interior architecture and design.

Mr. shirazi engineering office was divided into two parts: the first part of the projects were prepared in design, supervision and implementation phases and delivered to the employer. In the first part, projects with commercial, office, residential and other functions such as villas, fast foods, café's, and real estate consultant were considered.

In the second part, which was highly specialized, about 30-40% of the activities of the office were dedicated to the sports clubs and gyms. In the gym section, special studies have been done and several books and articles and regulations from the United States of America and Canada were checked and extensive studies on the standardization of fitness and sports complex done.

The office approach is in a way that some factors have an important aspect in projects for the design and implementation team. Several factors were involved in designing projects that were important to the team too.

The first factor involved in accurate studies was the review of the context with the priority of identity spaces, the second part studies were detailed studies of space requirements and requirements of the employer for the implementation of the project and design.

 The third part is designed subject in detail and the relation of design with special performance and local area in the case of what the architect predicts for the project.

 The fourth is the link between the design with modern sample and the successful project in a world and the examination of cases for that project.

In execution section, there are some important points for the architecture office:

 First, designing team being aware of implementation details that should be used in each project. Direct Cooperation with structural groups, utility groups, and groups related to the early studies.

In the second part, direct Cooperation with psychologists, sociologists, and statisticians on public projects.

In the third section, the detailed mapping of the second phase of the architecture was collaboration with the executive teams, workshops, and companies that were contracted.

In the fourth section, well aware of the materials available in local markets and world markets for projects, while attending domestic and foreign exhibitions like Dubai and China.

In the fifth section, the detailed and complete review of the terms of use of collection, advice and accompaniment in the field of advertising, cooperation and in conjunction with the launch teams of sites, apps, designers Clothes, furniture designers and environmental graphics to continue the work of architecture in order to open the collection and work for collection and advertising, and in some cases, collaborate with sports coaches or even those who designed food for different restaurants.

The approach of this collection is that the efforts of Mr. Shirazi team and their colleagues are first to set up with which they can design spaces which are in high quality and original and provide their owners with a space that is creative.

In the other part, the group's efforts were to create spaces that, in terms of standardization and proper use of factors such as light, materials, precise details of the standard and comfortable space for each type of user to their audience.

The goal of the future architectural group is to build buildings on the basis of studies and awareness and cooperation with engineers, consultants and experts who play a major role in predicting the investment and implementation of each building, and by knowing the market's materials and space. They also have great creativity and good user experience.

Eventually, with care of supervisor design team on all projects continuously and the precise implementation of the project and various meetings with different experts happened.

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